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Your support enables Uptown Rhythms to create lasting social and environmental impact at home and around the world. Thank you for helping to increase human understanding and connection  through the universal expression of dance.
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Internship Opportunities
Uptown Rhythms provides internships for students interested in experience in the field of non-profit performing arts management, Sustainability movement, and Festival Organization. The Uptonw Rhythms  Internship Program seeks to engage the unique skills and interests of each individual in addition to helping students develop an aptitude for new and unfamiliar skills. The internship program is  beneficial for individual wishing to pursue a career in arts management,  dance artists seeking to become dance teachers, and individuals who desire to affect social change and help the environment through the arts, or to gain volunteer/community service hours in a creative and engaging environment. No prior experience in dance or arts management is required though responsibilities are scaled to the ability of each intern. Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with senior management.
All internship positions are unpaid. Uptown Rhythms  also does not provide any financial support for relocation to Chicago or commuting to the studio. All positions are being advertised for immediate hire. Please email a resume and cover letter to

Available Positions:
1.  Social Media Manager
2. Events Organizer
3. Kathak Educator
"Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Uptown Rhythms! Volunteering is a wonderful way to become involved with the Uptown Rhythm's social programs and Uptown Rhythm Festival, without taking on the commitment of a Board or Associate Board Member. Volunteer professionals have been pivotal to the growth of Uptown Rhythms as it allows us to keep administrative costs at a minimum, while ensuring maximum impact and growth. Volunteers put their expertise to work for Uptown Rhythms on a continuing basis, assisting the Uptown Rhythms in a variety of administrative, fundraising, and performance-related projects. Professionals interested in volunteering for Uptown Rhythms should email at a cover letter and resume with the subject: Volunteer Opportunity #{Field/Area}."